Translating Your eBay Listings

This example demonstrates how to translate Auction Nudge text displayed within Your eBay Listings themes into another language (in this case into French). You must translate the text in to your own language and copy and paste the code shown in the source onto the web page where Auction Nudge is being used. This technique uses the jQuery Javascript library.

To translate into your language:

  1. View the source code
  2. Copy the source code between <!-- START Translate language --> and <!-- END Translate language --> onto the web page using the Auction Nudge Your eBay Listings tool
  3. Edit the source between the comments //=== START edit for your language === and //=== END edit for your language === for your language

Note: Any special characters in the translated text must be specified using it's HTML entity. For example Immédiat must be written as Imm&eacute;diat.

eBay items updated by Auction Nudge